Now you can get 24/7 access to a doctor

from anywhere in the world at any time



MyOnlineDoctor 24/7 is a convenient program designed to provide access to a doctor 24/7 right from the privacy of your home, office or wherever you are. Our doctors are all experienced, licensed and Board Certified. They are specially trained to advise, diagnose and prescribe medications.

Members can access them via toll free phone, smart phone, ipad or computer. A doctor will be in touch with you in an hour or less from the time you call in. You can also book a video appointment online that suits your time schedule, with any of our doctors.



If you have children you need TeleMedicine

Children almost always seem to get sick at night - often in the early hours of the morning. Fevers, earaches, vomiting and more. Doctors offices are not open so your only alternative is a 24 hour clinic (if one exists in your area) or the Emergency Room at the hospital. If you live in a rural area that is a major problem.

With our Telemedicine solution, you can call a doctor anytime day or night, have your child diagnosed, a prescription sent to a local pharmacy for you and your child will soon be on their way to getting well. You don't need to take time of work to take them to a doctor and of course unless you are very fortunate, it will take days to actually get a doctor's appointment anyway. NO MORE FRUSTRATION and FASTER RECOVERY are yours with our solution.




.10 minutes could save your a fortune - or save your life.

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